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About Us...

At DeLisi, Marvel & Ghee (DMG), we answer two of the most important questions a business owner can ask: "How much is my business worth?" and "How can I increase the value of my business?"


Leo DeLisi and John Ghee joined forces years ago with a passion to work closely with business owners to answer these very important questions.  Business valuations and valuation consulting are what we do.


DeLisi, Marvel & Ghee is an alliance between DeLisi & Ghee, LLC of Tennessee and DeLisi & Ghee, Inc. of Florida, and operates in New England, TN and FL.  Our principals have provided over 2,500 independent, objective valuations on wide ranging projects of various sizes, complexities and purposes.  

Our Value Added Consulting Services leverage DeLisi, Marvel & Ghee's 30 years of experience identifying and understanding what drives the value of private companies and merges this specialized skill set to help add significant value to your business. Whether you seek to leave a lasting, valuable legacy to your family, sell your company for top dollar, or simply have a profitable business that will allow you to take time off and enjoy the fruits of your labor, DeLisi, Marvel & Ghee can help you achieve that goal.  


Give us a call today and put DeLisi, Marvel & Ghee on your team.

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